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Hauling & Freight Company ยท Transportation Service
For all of your cargo, freight, and transportation needs.
TCB Trucking Services

Green dump truck
Dump Truck

Heavy-duty dump trucks are great for hauling in and out of construction sites and residential areas. Carrying a large scope of materials and debris makes them versatile and ready for any job. We can cover your needs no matter the size of job. Our truck services can take care of any job demand you have.
Flatbed truck
Flatbed Trailers

Moving large equipment is no problem with our lowboy trailers. Their low clearance allows us to safely transport tall, oversized, or odd shaped objects or machinery with limited restrictions. TCB can and will take care of the permits and heavy work for your hauling needs.
Side dump trucks
Side Dump Trailers

Hauling a variety of materials and debris, side dumps are great for hauling in and out of and dumping in lower clearance areas. Our fleet is packed with side dump expierience and equipement. We have high side dumps available as well and we can take care of your business.
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